• What is putty powder mixing machine ?

    At present, many users choose the original vertical conical mixing equipment in the field of powder / powder mixing equipment, but JCT Machinery suggest that because there are many shortcomings and high maintenance rates in the vertical conical mixer, the horizontal mixer should be selected when mixing powder / powder or granular materials, which has high mixing efficiency. The mixing quality is good, the discharging time is short, and the residual quantity is also small.


    07-01 / 2020

  • Лакокрасочное оборудование

    (JCT)Лакокрасочное оборудование для производства лакокрасочных материалов, которые применяются для защиты металлаот коррозии (металлоконструкций), бетонных, железобетонных поверхностей, для окраски химической аппаратуры, для защиты древесины, для окраски помещений, фасадов зданий, для изготовления различныхтипографских красок, красок для художественной живописи и т.д. Лакокрасочное оборудование


    09-21 / 2020

  • Ointment production equipment, do you know?

    Ointment is familiar to everyone, common in daily life are antibiotic ointment, eye ointment, Erythromycin Ointment and so on. Ointments is a semisolid external preparation with a certain consistency made of a uniform mixture of drugs and suitable matrix. Commonly used matrixes are oily, water-soluble and emulsion based matrixes. Cream ointment made of emulsion matrix is also called cream.


    09-09 / 2020

  • JCT company supply paint production line

    Paint is widely used in our daily life. Paint is a chemical mixture coating that can be firmly covered on the surface of the body, and for protection, decoration, marking and other special purposes. Paint are generally made up of four parts: film-forming materials, fillers (pigments and fillers), solvents, auxiliaries, etc. According to the performance requirements, sometimes the ingredients will change slightly, such as varnish without pigments and fillers, and no solvent in powder coating.


    09-15 / 2020

  • Do you know acrylic nail powder mixer machine ?

    Mixing component of Conical twin screw mixer is two asymmetric spiral cantilevers; with different lengths. The two asymmetric spiral cantilevers rotate around its own axis (rotation). And also they run around the central axis of the cone-shaped container; with the rotary arms move in the cone near the wall (revolution)


    11-07 / 2020

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