• Congratulation for Power Mixer Export to Saudi Arabia

    On May 21st, our power mixer is ready to send to Saudi Arabia customers, which producing neutral silicone sealant.


    09-17 / 2020

  • Take you to know the production equipment of polyurethane sealant

    Polyurethane sealant is a kind of sealant with excellent wear resistance, large mechanical strength and good elasticity. It is divided into single component and double component. Its application is very extensive and the price is moderate. Then, let the JCT machine take you to understand the polyurethane sealing glue and its production equipment.


    09-17 / 2020

  • JCT company supply paint production line

    Paint is widely used in our daily life. Paint is a chemical mixture coating that can be firmly covered on the surface of the body, and for protection, decoration, marking and other special purposes. Paint are generally made up of four parts: film-forming materials, fillers (pigments and fillers), solvents, auxiliaries, etc. According to the performance requirements, sometimes the ingredients will change slightly, such as varnish without pigments and fillers, and no solvent in powder coating.


    09-15 / 2020

  • Do you know the machine that produces chocolate?

    Planetary mixer is a widely used equipment, which can produce good mixing effect in the process of producing chocolate.


    09-11 / 2020

  • Ointment production equipment, do you know?

    Ointment is familiar to everyone, common in daily life are antibiotic ointment, eye ointment, Erythromycin Ointment and so on. Ointments is a semisolid external preparation with a certain consistency made of a uniform mixture of drugs and suitable matrix. Commonly used matrixes are oily, water-soluble and emulsion based matrixes. Cream ointment made of emulsion matrix is also called cream.


    09-09 / 2020

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