• Take you to understand the principle of screw extruder kneader discharge

    Kneader, as the ideal equipment for the crushing, shearing, mixing and polymerization of high viscosity and ultra high viscosity substances, is increasingly used in our daily production of rubber, silicone, silicone rubber, hot melt adhesives, etc. universal. Because of the different production processes, the choice of material discharge method is not the same.


    09-02 / 2020

  • Do you know neutral silicone sealant equipment?

    Neutral silicone sealant production have 5 parts: 1)Base material production 2)Base material grinding 3)Glass/plastic production 4)Hydraulic discharge 5)Product packing


    09-01 / 2020

  • What is putty powder mixing machine ?

    At present, many users choose the original vertical conical mixing equipment in the field of powder / powder mixing equipment, but JCT Machinery suggest that because there are many shortcomings and high maintenance rates in the vertical conical mixer, the horizontal mixer should be selected when mixing powder / powder or granular materials, which has high mixing efficiency. The mixing quality is good, the discharging time is short, and the residual quantity is also small.


    07-01 / 2020

  • Grafted rubber production line successfully exported to Sri Lanka

    In June 22, 2018, JCT Machinerry, who was in Guangdong province of China, received a line of customers from Sri Lanka. The two sides discussed the production line of grafted rubber.


    06-23 / 2018

  • During the world cup, Brazil customers visited JCT to discuss chewing gum equipment.

    The Russian World Cup was held in June 14th as scheduled in 2018, and the Russian World Cup was the twenty-first event held by the FIFA World Cup. The match took place from June 14, 2018 to July 15th. It was the first time that the world cup was held in Russia and the first time the world cup was held in Eastern European countries.


    06-20 / 2018

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