JCT Mechanical Production Team

2017-10-31 11:25:17 40

JCT Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. production team consists of more than 20 years of experience skilled workers. These workers have a superb production skills, able to read technical drawings of equipment, electric welding, oxygen welding, assembly and other processes have a unique opinion, for the needs of customers, production team and technical team of good and effective communication and coordination, to ensure the delivery quantity and quality, ensure the delivery time. 

JCT pays great attention to training, and tries to create opportunities for individuals to improve their abilities and professional ethics. Employees and enterprises grow together. We strive for perfection in everything, scientific and meticulous production, manufacturing first-class products. We improve product quality, and strive to improve customer satisfaction.

JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd

JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd has professional technical knowledge and rich experience, specializing in industrial mixing equipment design and manufacture of grafting adhesive, liquid silicone rubber, and silicone sealant complete plant project.

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