• High speed dispersing machine for paint

    In recent years, formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly paints have been welcomed by more and more people. Do you know what kind of equipment is used to produce these environmentally friendly paints?


    07-23 / 2022

  • What is vacuum kneading machine ?

    Vacuum kneading machine is a kind of high performance, the high viscosity and ultra-high viscosity material mixing, kneading, crushing, polymerization reaction of rational equipment.


    07-23 / 2022

  • High-speed disperser equipment used in paint industry production line

    Introduction of High-speed disperser equipment for water-based paint and oil-based paint making.The whole production include: mixing, grinding, coloring, filtering and packing.


    11-13 / 2020

  • Do you know acrylic nail powder mixer machine ?

    Mixing component of Conical twin screw mixer is two asymmetric spiral cantilevers; with different lengths. The two asymmetric spiral cantilevers rotate around its own axis (rotation). And also they run around the central axis of the cone-shaped container; with the rotary arms move in the cone near the wall (revolution)


    11-07 / 2020

  • Лакокрасочное оборудование

    (JCT)Лакокрасочное оборудование для производства лакокрасочных материалов, которые применяются для защиты металлаот коррозии (металлоконструкций), бетонных, железобетонных поверхностей, для окраски химической аппаратуры, для защиты древесины, для окраски помещений, фасадов зданий, для изготовления различныхтипографских красок, красок для художественной живописи и т.д. Лакокрасочное оборудование


    09-21 / 2020

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