Israeli customers come to negotiate rubber kneader

2017-01-14 11:33:09 16

Foshan during the winter of January, wind, rain micro floating, cold weather is still unable to resist the Israeli customers visiting customer enthusiasm, the purpose of this trip is to visit to discuss about "plasticine kneading machine and ancillary production equipment etc. For the rubber kneader and the basic production equipment, JCT can be said to have a lot of successful customer cases and a lot of experience, and for the arrival of customers, we have also made some preparations.

There are many kinds of rubber mud is the main color, with ultra light clay and mud are similar, the main production equipment is kneader mixing and stirring, and then come up with machine, then cutting machine, the equipment composition of the production line of rubber mud, the Israeli customers want is the production line. The customer is very proficient in technology, with our engineers a pleasant exchange, some technology, parameter selection, site planning is discussed, the customer is satisfied with, and puts forward the proposed contract as soon as possible, fix the price and configuration parameters. 

Thank customers for JCT machinery trust, I believe we can cooperate happily!

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