Is neutral glass glue toxic? Is neutral glass glue toxic?

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Glass glue we all know is not very safe, but it is also within the allowable range, it does not really affect people's health, and glass glue is also used frequently in life, many people have had it with it. Contact, is neutral glass glue toxic? This is a very interesting issue. Let's discuss it together.

Is neutral glass glue toxic? Is neutral glass glue toxic?

Glass glue is a kind of adhesive that is often used for home decoration. We commonly call it a saponin in the north and water glass in the south. Its main component is sodium silicate, which is easily soluble in water. Two types of glass glue appear on the market, acidic and neutral. Glass glue has a volatile gas when it is just hit, and this gas has certain toxicity. After the glass glue is cured, the volatile gas is much less, but there is still a small amount of volatilization. Therefore, if it is glass glue for indoor use, pay attention to ventilation so that the gas can be quickly evaporated.

Is neutral glass glue toxic? How to determine whether glass glue is toxic?

There are two aspects to judging whether glass glue is toxic. One is whether the composition of the glass glue is toxic, and the other is whether the glass glue produces a physical or chemical reaction and the substance is toxic. We know that the main components of glass glue are not only sodium silicate, but also acetic acid and silicone. It is generally presented in a liquid state. Neutral glass glue does not hydrolyze at room temperature, so there is no need to worry about it producing toxic adult forms. Acidic glass glue, because of its weak acid nature, combines with water molecules in the air to produce acid gases. Especially in a humid environment, the greater the acidity, the stronger the chemical reaction, the more acid gases will be produced and the more intense the odor. Because acid gases are irritating and corrosive to the respiratory mucosa.

Prolonged exposure to this environment may cause pneumonia. Short-term exposure will also make our eyes irritated, tears, and even conjunctiva, dizziness and nausea. In addition, if the acid glass glue gets on the skin or on the eyes, rinse it with plenty of water immediately, otherwise it will corrode our skin and conjunctiva.

Regardless of whether the neutral glass glue is toxic, we still need to be cautious when using it, and don't let the children touch it. We must know that the child's immunity is much lower than that of adults. The average neutral glass glue is for adults. There is no harm, but it is not necessarily for the children, so we must pay attention to it.

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