What equipment is included in the glass glue production line?

2018-09-28 14:12:29 5

Recently, our company has received a lot of calls from customers who have made glass glue. They are all doing building materials, and some customers have asked about the glass glue production line equipment. I think that the glass glue market is bigger and I want to plan to do it. So what are the equipment needed for a glass glue production line? Let's take a brief introduction to the glass glue production line equipment that has been done for more than ten years.

1. Reaction kettle (107 silica gel production equipment, if the output is relatively small, buy it yourself)

2, dry dehydration system (oven, dry the raw material moisture, dehydration)

3, to do the base material strong dispersing machine equipment (according to the different choice of glass glue, because some glass glue needs to be base material, some do not need)

4. Make glue adjustment equipment (usually a planetary mixer or a powerful disperser, which is selected according to the equipment selected for the base material.)

5, the cooling system (the glass glue needs to be cooled before it can be glued, in order to speed up its cooling rate, it needs a cooling system, such as a cooling tower or sink)


6, vacuum system (vacuum pump and vacuum buffer tank, plus some connecting pipes)

7. Pressing system (pressing machine, pressing the glass glue to the packing machine)

8. Filling system (filling machine fills glass glue, divided into soft packaging and hard packaging, subdivided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic)

9, inkjet code printer (bar code production date, etc.)

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