Do you know about EVA hot melt adhesive ingredients and processes?

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In recent years, with the booming development of electronics, construction, clothing, footwear, automotive, household products, etc.; hot melt adhesive as a new type of adhesive, because of its strong adhesion, tasteless, pollution-free, no need Heated and cured, easy to operate and easy to store. Therefore, people are favored. So, do you know about EVA hot melt adhesive ingredients and processes?

EVA hot melt adhesive is a hot melt adhesive based on ethylene-vinyl acetate random copolymer (EVA). It is one of the most important varieties of hot glue, accounting for about 80% of the total hot melt adhesive. Can be used in packaging materials, bookbinding, wood processing and other industries. The main components of EVA hot melt adhesives are: EVA polymers, tackifying resins, waxes, antioxidants and other fillers. EVA hot melt adhesive strip production process is:


1) The raw materials are weighed according to the proportion of the hot melt adhesive formulation and added to the reaction kettle (or kneader). The temperature is raised by heating the heating system, and the mixture is stirred and uniformly. The air bubbles in the glue are removed by vacuuming.

2) Pass the melted rubber in the reaction kettle through the discharge pump, pass through the filtration system into the agitation storage tank, cool down to a certain temperature, and then thermostat, and pass through the discharge pump to enter the screw extruder.

3) The strip extruded from the extruder enters the cooling water tank for cooling, and the cutting strip is pulled by the traction granulator. The output speed and traction speed are controlled by the frequency converter to keep them in sync. The size and length of the strip are controlled by the extruder discharge orifice and cutter speed. Well, today Xiaobian will share with you here. Xiaobian’s Jinhaotai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of chemical mixing equipment, such as kneading machine, planetary mixer, powerful dispersing machine, reaction kettle, etc. Glue production line, hot melt adhesive production line, white latex production line, mixed silica production line and so on. If you need this, or if you want to consult more information, you can contact Xiaobian: 18138373959. Welcome to inquire.

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