How to correctly maintain kneader?

2017-10-31 13:45:29 admin 5

1, kneading machine in the initial installation, first of all, the machine should be cleaned, decontamination and wipe rust oil and other operations. Check each lubrication point and inject lubricating oil (grease).

2. Before the machine starts, the tightening degree of the triangle belt should be checked, and the kneader generator will be moved to the proper position by adjusting the bolt.

3. Check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the steam pipeline leaks, whether the circuit and electrical equipment is safe. Electric heating kneading machine must have grounding device

4. Clean the machine room before the test run, make air transfer for 10-15 minutes, confirm the kneading machine running normally and then put it into production. Generally, the noise of the new gear (including reducer) is large in the early stage, and the noise will be reduced naturally after a period of time.

5, the use of steam heating, into the pipeline should be equipped with safety valve.

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