Do you know grafting glue?

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Grafting glue are make from grafted copolymers of neoprene and methyl methacrylate (MMA). To a certain extent Grafting adhesive effects better than All-purpose adhesive. Grafting gum with the characteristics of low viscosity and strong permeability, which can effectively prevent the migration of plasticizer and has special adhesive properties to soft PVC and rubber materials. Grafting adhesive strength is close to polyurethane adhesives, but the price is much lower and storage stability is good.


It is mainly used for the bonding of fabrics, PVC and PU in the footwear industry, luggage, handbags industry.The production of grafting equipment is generally carried out using two stainless steel reactors, one for the gum reactor and one for the kettle. The production process can be summarized in six steps: Feeding - Stirring - Heating - Cooling (Stirring) - Discharging - Packaging, etc.

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