How much do you know about graft gum?

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Grafting adhesive is a kind of adhesive and glue which is better than all-purpose adhesive to a certain extent. It has the characteristics of low viscosity, good wettability and strong permeability, and can effectively prevent the migration of plasticizers. And rubber materials have special bonding properties.

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The adhesive strength is close to the polyurethane adhesive, the price is much lower and the storage stability is good. It is mainly used for the bonding of fabrics, PVC and PU in the footwear industry, luggage, handbags industry.


Generally, it is prepared by a grafting copolymer of chloroprene rubber, methyl methacrylate, an initiator, and an antioxidant in a solvent, a terminator, a tackifier resin, and the like. Two stainless steel reactors are generally used for the production of a gelatinization reactor and a blending kettle. The production process is: feeding-stirring-heating-cooling (stirring and blending)-discharging-packaging and other 6 steps.

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