During the world cup, Brazil customers visited JCT to discuss chewing gum equipment.

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The Russian World Cup was held in June 14th as scheduled in 2018, and the Russian World Cup was the twenty-first event held by the FIFA World Cup. The match took place from June 14, 2018 to July 15th. It was the first time that the world cup was held in Russia and the first time the world cup was held in Eastern European countries.

In this event, there are 32 teams from 5 continents. In addition to the qualification of the host Russian team, the rest of the other 31 teams qualify through the pre election events held by the FIFA Federation of continents. Football power, Brazil, is also an unsuspense for the entry. On the day of the opening ceremony, JCT met a customer from Brazil. What did he do? Let's take a look at the next one.

Brazil customer purchase kneader

The purpose of Brazil customers is to come to the chewing equipment kneading machine. Chewing gum, we are very familiar with the brand of green arrows, Yida, Orion and so on, the Brazilians have the unique enthusiasm of South America, chewing gum has a good market prospects in Brazil, and the gum base is produced with what equipment? JCT recommends vacuum kneader to you. The kneader is an ideal equipment for mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing and repolymerization of high viscosity elastic and plastic materials. It has the advantages of uniform mixing and high kneading efficiency. Kneading machine through two sets of different speed impeller (Z or sigma type) strong extrusion, shear, so that the material is mixed evenly.

vacuum kneader

Kneading machine has been widely used in the production of gum, and many kinds of candy can also be produced by kneading machine.

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