Do you know what equipment is needed to produce paint?

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The paint production equipment includes 6 kinds of equipment, such as dispersing equipment, grinding equipment, lapping equipment, filter equipment and Cannery equipment. Different components have different functions and characteristics, and play an extremely important role in the whole process of painting production. Next, we will come to see what these devices are.

painrt production line

1. Dispersing equipment

This is the equipment for pre dispersing the paint, and it is also the first process to produce paint. In this equipment, the pigments and fillers of the paint will be mixed evenly and smashed, and finally become a semi cost product of color paste.

2. Grinding equipment

This is the most important part of the production of paint seed, the pigment paste semi-finished products processed by the dispersing equipment are more finely grinded and crushed, so that the production, control, feeding and operation of the color pulp are processed in all aspects.

3. Finishing equipment

The equipment is used for regrinding the grinding pigment paste. In a simple way, the material and auxiliary agent made in front of the equipment are put into the painting equipment, then the blade axis of the equipment is rotated, and the materials are stirred and mixed evenly.

4. Filter equipment

The equipment can filter out impurities and uneven particles in the initial product of the paint, so as to ensure that the paint is fine and uniform.

5. Filling equipment

Also known as filling machine, mainly responsible for the filling part of paint, is a link to make paint into finished products. The canning equipment is also divided into 4 types, including the paste filling machine, the liquid filling machine, the powder filling machine and the particle filling machine. Different machines correspond to different types of paint packaging.

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