Complete set of production equipment and process of neutral silicone sealant

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Silicone sealant is widely used in building engineering construction, so silicone sealant in species probably divided into single and double component two, in which the application of neutral silicone sealant is one component to distinguish, followed by me for the production process and equipment of neutral silicone sealant production line we introduce.

The neutral silicone sealant overcomes the characteristics of acid glue and reaction with alkaline material, so it has a wide range of application, and its market price is slightly higher than that of acid glue,Neutral silicone sealant applies to all kinds of curtain walls weather resistant sealing, especially recommended for glass curtain wall, aluminum plate curtain wall, stone dry hang weather seal.

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Complete set of production equipment and process of neutral silicone sealant:

1、107 glue production: FYF-2000-6000L reactor and supporting equipment;

2、Basic material making: NHZ-2000-5000L vacuum kneading machine, QF--2000-4000L base material dispersing machine, FS-2000-5000L base material dispersing kettle;

3、Base material grinding: S-260-S405 three roller grinding machine, twin screw extruder;

4、Silicone sealant production: QF-300-4000L powerful dispersing machine, DLH-300-2000L power mixer, XJB-300-2000L planetary mixer, static mixer;

5、Finished product discharging: YLJ-300-4000L hydraulic discharging machine;

6、finished packing: manual hard tube packing machine, semi-automatic hard tube packing machine, automatic hard tube packing machine, fully automatic soft packing machine;

The above is Foshan JCT machinery for you brought to the neutral silicone sealant complete sets of production equipment and production process, I hope you can give us a reference, thank you all!

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