The main components of the magnetic reactor

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The magnetic reactor adopts a static sealing structure, and the stirrer and the motor drive are connected by a magnetic coupling. It is suitable for the reaction of various flammable, explosive, highly toxic, precious media and other chemical media with strong penetrating power. It is organic Non-leakage reactor equipment for vulcanization, fluorination, hydrogenation, oxidation, etc. in processes such as synthesis, polymer material polymerization, and food. Completely solve the leakage problem that the mechanical seal and packing seal could not solve before. Mainly composed of kettle body, heating furnace, kettle cover, magnetic stirrer and other parts. Let's take a look at these parts of the magnetic reactor.


The reactor body is mainly used for material reaction. The material is made of TA2. The reaction kettle body and the flange are connected by threads. The sealing of the reaction kettle body and the kettle cover adopts a heat-free circular arc surface and a conical surface line seal, which depends on more High processing accuracy, relying on the tightening force of the main bolt to achieve the sealing effect.


heating furnace, as the name implies, is used to heat the reactor body. The outer cylindrical furnace body is equipped with a cylindrical silicon furnace core, and the heating resistance wire is connected through it. It has the characteristics of good heat transfer effect and fast heating. The bottom side of the furnace body is equipped with a socket. Instrument link.


The lid is the main part of the magnetic reactor. It is equipped with a magnetic stirrer, pressure gauge, burst valve, gas valve, sampling valve, cooling coil and other devices. It is easy to grasp the reaction situation of the material in the magnetic reactor at any time and adjust The composition, ratio, temperature and pressure of the materials in the magnetic reactor ensure the safe operation of the magnetic reactor.


The magnetic stirrer is a permanent magnetic coupling device. It is composed of inner and outer ring magnets with a pressure-bearing spacer in the middle. The stirring torque is transmitted by the servo motor through the magnetic force of the inner and outer magnets. The spacer is equipped with a speed measuring element. When the device and the inner magnetic steel rotate, the induction signal is generated by the electronic component and transmitted to the controller to display the working speed of the magnetic stirrer.


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