The development of China's machinery industry

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  In the future, under the new historical background, China needs to re-emphasize the vigorous development of the private economy as an important part of the reform and opening up in the new era. The development history of more than 40 years tells us that without the rapid development of the private economy, it will be difficult for China to truly realize the "internal circulation", effectively relieve the employment pressure, form an active market economy, and stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit to achieve real innovation. It is difficult for Chinese companies that are truly competitive in the world to emerge. Looking back at the US's suppression of Chinese companies in the past two years, we can see that the companies that really make Americans feel competitive threats are not those huge state-owned enterprises, but It is China's private enterprises with ideals, pursuits and the courage to innovate.

  The development of the private economy and the growth of private enterprises depend on a variety of environments and factors, some of which are external and beyond our control.

But there are still some important factors that we can control and decide, which are policy elements and institutional environment elements. Simply put, China needs to further improve

  The political and legal status of the private economy and private enterprises is high, and in the future, there must be a political height that surpasses the "two unshakable", and ultimately moves towards not having all

China's economy and Chinese enterprises should be distinguished by the system, and a market economy system with true fairness, rule of law and credit will be developed.

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