The difference between stirring tank and reaction kettle

2022-04-06 17:16:11 admin 0

1 Structure: The upper cover of the reaction kettle is a head structure or a conical structure; the upper cover of the stirring tank can be a flat cover structure or a head structure.

2. Sealing: The reaction kettle has high sealing requirements, and a mechanical seal should be selected; the sealing form of the stirring tank is made into a mechanical seal or a packing seal according to the requirements.

3. Cost: The structure of the reaction kettle is relatively complex and the cost is relatively high; the structure of the stirring tank is relatively simple and the cost is relatively low.

4. Operation observation: The reaction kettle needs the assistance of sight glasses, pressure gauges, liquid level gauges and other accessories to observe the condition of the materials in the tank; the lid-opening stirring tank can observe the conditions of the materials in the tank by opening the lid or by mouth.

The reaction kettle and the stirring tank are similar in appearance and structure, and they can both heat, stir, and maintain the material, and the installation method is the same. There are many types of stainless steel stirring tanks, including single-layer stirring tanks, double-layer stirring tanks, thermal insulation stirring tanks, vacuum stirring tanks, and pressure stirring tanks. Most of the reaction kettles refer to tanks that need to be evacuated or work under a certain pressure. body, so the reaction kettle can be a kind of stirring tank.

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