What is the production process of the well-known alkyd resin production line?

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  This unsaturated polyester resin equipment consists of five parts: vertical condenser, horizontal condenser, reaction, storage device and distillation column.

  It is a special equipment for producing unsaturated polyester resin, alkyd resin, glass fiber resin, artificial marble resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, etc.

  This set of equipment with reasonable design and advanced technology is currently the best equipment for unsaturated polyester resin production, and users can order machines according to their production capacity and technical requirements.

  Benefits of a Complete Line of Unsaturated Polyester Resins

  Manufactured according to customer requirements and specifications

  Available capacity is 10 liters to 50,000 liters on the path

  Inquire about purchasing customer's stainless steel 316, 304 or mild steel, carbon steel material or construction material available in special grades.

  Spiral supports are welded on the outer surface of the main vessel to uniformly circulate heating or cooling media such as steam, oil, water, etc. and also provide additional strength to the main vessel

  ASME and other standards, with special attention to argon and arc welding procedures

  GMP jacketed reaction vessels can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. Mirror surface ground from 220 grit to 440 grit, smooth welded and insulated, mirror established mirror

  Energy efficient advanced direct drive design of the agitator with VFD option to vary the RPM of the drive

  Stirrer designed to accommodate reactant viscosity and density

  Jacketed reaction vessel designed for form cutters for the process of forming forms

  Save time and money with value-added products and services like Process automation, valves and fittings

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