What is the production technology of the liquid silicone rubber production line?

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  The utility model discloses an electric power liquid silicone rubber production line, which comprises a reaction tank, a synthesis kettle, a vacuum kneader, a three-roll mill, a planetary mixer and a hydraulic discharger; the synthesis kettle comprises a frame and is arranged on the frame The polymerization tank and stirring device; the planetary mixer includes a first support seat and two hydraulic seats; the side of the feeding tank is provided with a feeding port and a feeding hopper that communicate with the interior of the feeding tank; the hydraulic discharge The machine includes an "H"-shaped support frame. Each equipment of the production line of the utility model can be operated independently, which is convenient to reasonably arrange the working time and progress, and can produce different kinds of products by using a plurality of reaction tanks, which is convenient for the adjustment of different kinds of formulas, and can meet the production of various liquid silica gels.

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