The specific operation process of the complete set of paint and coating equipment

2022-04-19 17:55:16 admin 2

  The main equipment of the complete set of paint and coating equipment is emulsification and dispersion tank, paint mixing tank, pipeline emulsifier, horizontal sand mill, powder feeding tank, static mixer, liquid meter, air compressor, electric control device, filling machine etc. It can complete the whole process of emulsification, dispersion, grinding, refinement, cooling, filtration, automatic vacuum suction and semi-automatic filling. Pulping and letdown are done in the same tank. This complete set of coating equipment can produce water-based coatings and paints. The coating integrated production line adopts liquid meter measurement, high shear emulsification and dispersion, vacuum suction, vacuum defoaming, and semi-automatic filling process, from feeding material to finished product.

  The combined emulsification head structure designed for the complete set of paint and coating equipment determines the operation of the processed materials in high, medium and low viscosity states; the perfect combination of dynamic mixing in the kettle and static mixing outside the kettle determines the difference between pigments and high viscosity resins. High dispersion and mixing. Vacuum design, materials are produced in vacuum state, which can realize the vacuum automatic suction process and reduce labor intensity. The complete configuration can be produced without the need for users to connect other auxiliary equipment to the power supply. The simultaneous action of the high shear inside the kettle and the high shear outside the kettle ensures the further refinement of the material and shortens the working time.

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