How should the kneader be maintained to prolong its service life?

2022-04-27 17:07:07 admin 0

  The main maintenance and maintenance measures are as follows: 

1. Lubricating oil should be injected into each lubricating part frequently, not less than twice per oil, lubricating grease should be injected into the oil every 20 days, and oil should be refueled every three months.

 2. The wall panel seal should be properly adjusted or replaced according to the wear condition.

 3. Regularly check the steam pipes and combined components. Leaks are not allowed. 

4. The machine should be repaired for six months, check the vulnerable parts and make appropriate repairs or replacements. 

  5. After the kneader is installed, first clean, decontaminate and wipe the anti-rust oil. Check all lubrication points and pour in grease (fat). 

6. Check the tightness of the V-belt before transmission, and move the motor to a proper position by adjusting the bolts. 

7. Check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the steam pipes are leaking, and whether the circuits and electrical equipment are safe. Electrically heated kneaders must be grounded. 

8. Before debugging, clean up the kneader, do a gas lift for 10-15 minutes, confirm that the machine is running normally, and then put it into production. Usually, the noise of new machine gears (including reducers) is loud in the initial stage and will naturally decrease after a while.

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