Do you know the planetary mixer?

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planetary mixer

Planetary Mixer is a new type of high efficiency, non-dead point mixing and mixing equipment that has a unique and novel form of mixing. Its kettle has two or three multi-layer paddle stirrer and 1 to 2 automatic scrapers. The stirrer revolves around the axis of the kettle body at the same time, rotates at different speeds about its own axis at a high speed to make the material in the kettle In vivo complex exercise.

       planetary mixer

The JCT company is specializing in producing and exporting the chemical machine for 11 years.The planetary mixer is an hot sales product for the JCT company.It has exported many countries such as India,Sudan,Pakistan,Sri Lanka,etc.The JCT can supply the volume of planetary mixer from 5L to 2000L.According to your material requirements,you can choose multi-blade,frame type,butterfly and out-wheels etc in the stirrer.

 planetary mixer

The planetary mixer can be used many fields,which is widely used in the production of ink,paint,adhesive,sealant,filling plastic ointment,paste materials,grease,paint,paste cosmetic,paste food,additives and other compounds of high viscous preparation.If you are interested in planetary mixer,please contact JCT company as much as possible.

planetary mixer

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