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neutral silicone sealant

The neutral silicone sealant has good adhesive strength and sealing performance, so for many materials have a good sealing effect. In addition, it also has excellent insulation properties, moisture-proof, anti-corona, and shock absorption buffer.

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The neutral silicone sealant is also relatively good in terms of mold resistance and non-flowability. On the one hand, it has excellent extrudability from low temperature (+ 5oC) to high temperature (+ 40oC); On the other hand, it has good flexibility and excellent weatherability from low temperature (-40oC) to high temperature (+ 100oC) . At the same time, it also has good temperature resistance, temperature range of -60 ~ 300 . The neutral silicone sealant resistance to outdoor aging performance is excellent, the service life of up to 20 to 30 years; no yellowing, no oil leakage, excellent overall performance.

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With regard to the use of Neutral Silicone seanlant, it is suitable for use on alkaline substrates such as concrete, mortar and fiber-reinforced concrete .Due to its non-corrosive effect on metals, it can also be used in vehicles, boats, houses, bathrooms and kitchens Contour humidity conditions. In addition, it can also be metal, plastic and alkaline substrate contact. If you need machinery to make neutral silicone sealant, please contact JCT company as much as possible.

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