Hot melt adhesive (stick shape) production line

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1.Production line characteristic

1).The hot melt glue production line of our company uses reaction kettle and extruder machinery. It can use to make all kinds of stick hot melt adhesive, with good mixing effect, quality stable, stick adhesive uniformity, product bright and transparency is very good.

2).It can manufacture with large capacity machinery and 24 hours of continuous manufacture. High quantity and high efficiency,

3).Raw material can be fully mixed and fully plasticized in the reaction kettle, to sure the quality of the adhesive. Reaction kettle can be used to produce various requirements and high quality hot melt adhesive.

4).Extruder machine with frequency control, automatic temperature control, rapid replacement of model head, water cooling effect is fast and efficient, automatic cutting.

5).Through the cold water machine, the cooling water temperature maintained at 5-10 degrees C, improve the cooling effect and production efficiency.

Hot melt adhesive (stick shape) production line

2.The configuration of hot melt adhesive production line (Machinery size and quantity according the output to design)

1).Melt reaction kettle 1 set

2).Material storage kettle 1 set

3).High viscosity discharge pump 1 set

4).Filter system 1 set

5).Heating system 1 set

6).Extrusion forming machine 1 set (can be design according your requirement)

7).Cooling tank 1set

8).Cooling-water machine 1 set


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