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Paint is widely used in our daily life. Paint is a chemical mixture coating that can be firmly covered on the surface of the body, and for protection, decoration, marking and other special purposes.

Paint are generally made up of four parts: film-forming materials, fillers (pigments and fillers), solvents, auxiliaries, etc. According to the performance requirements, sometimes the ingredients will change slightly, such as varnish without pigments and fillers, and no solvent in powder coating.

The paint is a viscous and oily pigment. It is flammable, insoluble in water, soluble in fat, soluble in alcohol, aldehyde, ether, benzene and alkane. It is easy to dissolve in gasoline, kerosene and diesel.

Paint Production Line

The paint production line is usually used in the production of paint. The paint production line includes the dispersing equipment, the grinding equipment, the lapping equipment, the filter equipment and the filling equipment. The function of each kind of equipment is different.

The dispersing equipment is the high-speed dispersing machine, which is the pre dispersing equipment for the paint, and is also the first process to produce paint. In this equipment, the pigments and fillers of the paint will be mixed evenly and smashed, and finally become a semi cost product of color paste.

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