Main production equipment of EPS resin

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The reactor is the main equipment for the EPS resin and consists mainly of the kettle body, stirrer, heat exchanger and transmission.At the time of production, the material is added to the kettle from the top and mixed rapidly and reacted under the action of a stirrer. When heating is required, heating steam is introduced into the jacket; when cooling is required, cold water or refrigerant is introduced. After the reaction was completed, the material was discharged from the bottom of the kettle body.

EPS resin

1. Kettle Body

The kettle body is generally cylindrical and its ratio of height to diameter is between 1 and 3. The shell is welded from the steel plate. Since corrosive materials are used during the production of the EPS resin, the shell is lined with stainless steel. All the holes, hand holes, pipes (excluding discharge pipes) and other devices on the reactor were installed on the top cover of the reactor.

2. Agitator

The stirrer increases the heat transfer in the reactor and causes the monomers to disperse evenly, forming small oil droplets that are suspended above the system. Since the suspension polymerization is used in the polymerization of EPS resin production, the stirrer used is generally a paddle stirrer. The stirring speed is generally 20~80r/min; if the stirring is too fast, turbulent flow phenomenon will occur, the particles are easy to stick, agglomerate, and the phenomenon of powder particles occurs. Different stirrers should be selected for the reactors and dispersion systems of different volumes.


3. Heat exchanger

During the growth of the EPS resin, it must be performed at different temperatures at different temperatures. In order to control the temperature, the reactor must be heated and cooled.

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