A brief discussion on the working characteristics of High Speed Disperser

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The main features of high speed disperser:

High speed dispersing machine adopts various specifications such as electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation and three speed speed and so on. It is stable and powerful, suitable for various kinds of viscosity; hydraulic and mechanical two kinds of lifting forms, lift and rotate freely, adapt to all kinds of positions; common and explosion-proof configuration, safe and reliable, simple operation and maintenance, strong production continuity, fast material can be carried out fast It has quick dispersion and dissolution, good dispersing effect, high production efficiency, smooth operation and easy installation. For different materials, the viscosity and treatment capacity have different power and type.

High Speed Disperser

The application of high speed disperser:

High speed dispersing machine is suitable for mixing, dissolving and dispersing liquid and liquid - powder materials in the fields of coatings, dyes, inks, pigments, cosmetics, resins, adhesives, emulsions, oil and other fields. The speed can be adjusted at any rate.

The selection of high speed disperser:

1. First of all, we need to make sure that the equipment needs to achieve the purpose and effect.

2. In addition to the detailed understanding of the nature of the material.

3. According to the material, choose the agitator for dispersing machine.

4. Determine the operation parameters and structure design of the disperser again.

5. Consider the cost of the distributor and consider the installation cost at the same time.

The working characteristics of high speed disperser:

1. Strong centrifugal force from the radial clearance, the precise gap between the rotor between the rotor, at the same time by centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, hydraulic impact and other comprehensive forces, the material is initially dispersed.

2. The high-speed rotating rotor of the dispersing machine produces at least 15m/s line speed, and the material is fully dispersed and broken under the effect of strong hydraulic shear, liquid layer friction, tearing collision and so on. At the same time, the material is ejected at high speed through the stator slot.

3. The material of the dispersing machine is constantly ejected from the radial velocity, and changes the flow direction under the resistance of the material itself and the wall of the container. At the same time, under the action of the upper and lower axial suction force produced by the rotor region, the two strands of strong turbulent flow in the upper and lower parts are formed. After several cycles, the material will eventually complete the dispersion process.

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