Yemen customers order grease production equipment

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On May 17th, Yemen customers came to our factory to negotiate the flow of grease production equipment and signed a contract. In the detailed discussions between our sales manager Hannah and the engineers, Yemeni customers also had a clear understanding of the grease production process and expressed the hope that the project could be put into production as soon as possible.

Grease production equipment

Grease production process:

We take lithium base grease as an example, lithium base grease is a kind of grease with lithium soap as thickener.

Generally divided into the following steps: Soap ---- quenching - blending - average - degassing - finished product packaging.

Firstly, the saponification reaction is performed with lithium hydroxide and fatty acids (acids and bases), and the lithium soap is heat-treated and dissolved into a soap solution.Secondly, quench oil (base oil) is added to the soap to cool it, and finally it becomes a lithium grease after blending.

Lubricating Grease production equipment

Grease production equipment mainly has saponification reactor, mixing kettle, quench mixer, shearing device, homogeneous machine, degassing tank, vacuum pump, filter, heat conduction oil stove, conveying pump, pipeline valve and so on.

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