What other machines can be used to produce silicone sealant in addition to kneading machines?

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I believe we are very familiar with the silicone sealant, especially now widely used, is a kind of silicone rubber, but the product packaging can be divided into: single and double component etc.. The more common single component silicone sealant, and one component is divided into acidic and neutral gum gum as the main. Please see the introduction below:

silicone sealant.jpg

silicone sealant.jpg

You may not be very clear about the equipment for producing silicone sealants. There is a 107 glue material in front of the silicone sealant. This can be produced by a reaction vessel, but is there any other machine that can be produced?

silicone sealant.jpg

Besides the kneader, there is a powerful dispersing machine (as shown above)! Because the machine has high production efficiency and good production quality! Mainly used in the chemical industry required for solid liquid phase, liquid liquid phase of homogeneous mixing, polymerization, vulcanization, sulfonation, dispersion, dissolution, quenching and tempering process. Particularly suitable for the production of 10000CP ~ 4000000CP paste material, such as silicone structural adhesive, silicone sealant, electronic sealant, etc..

The power dispersing machine mainly has 2 high speed dispersing paddle and a low speed scraper, which can scrape the material sticking on the wall and the bottom to mix and make the effect more ideal. The equipment has good tightness, vacuum suction and good defoaming effect. The cylinder head of the power dispersing machine can be hydraulically lifted, and the cylinder body can be moved freely, and the operation is very convenient.

As a high viscosity material production equipment, the machine has become the production of silicone sealant, and the cost will be lower than the kneader, why not? Production with this machine has gradually gained recognition from users and is becoming more and more popular!

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