The high efficiency planetary mixer suppier

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planetary mixer

Planetary mixer is a new type of high efficiency non-dead end mixing and mixing equipment, which has a unique and innovative form of mixing, the kettle has two or three multi-layer paddle stirrer and 1 to 2 automatic scraper, stirrer around the kettle The body axis of revolution at the same time, at different speeds around its own axis of high-speed rotation, so that material in the kettle body for complex movement.

planetary mixer

Planetary mixers usually have two low-speed planetary paddles, usually in the form of multiple diagonal paddle blades, twist-on frames, one or two high-speed planetary paddles (dispersive disks) and screeds. Planetary mixer has the advantage of the host planetary gear reducer design, low noise, high mechanical efficiency, saving power and reduce equipment footprint.

planetary mixer

Planetary mixer is widely used in the chemical, light industry, food, batteries, pharmaceuticals, building materials, pesticides and other industries required for multi-component solid-solid phase, solid - liquid, liquid - liquid material mixing, reaction, Dissolution, quenching and other processes, such as inks, paints, adhesives, sealants, plastic packaging ointment, paste material, additives and other high viscous material production.

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