Do you know the neutral silicone rubber?

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neutral silicone rubber

Neutral silicone rubber can be the vast majority of materials have good bonding strength and sealing performance. Its excellent electrical insulation properties, moisture-proof, anti-corona, has shock absorption buffer. As the same time, the neutral silicone rubber has good resistance to high temperature performance.

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Neutral silicone rubber has good resistance to high and low temperature performance, temperature range of -60 ~ 300 ℃; excellent outdoor aging resistance, life expectancy of up to 20 to 30 years; no yellowing, no oil, excellent overall performance. Sealed adhesive cracks and gaps, the use of a wide range of waterproof, mold, stretch durable.

Neutral silicone sealant production line

Neutral silicone rubber non-corrosive to metals Suitable for use on alkaline substrates such as concrete, mortar and fiber-containing concrete Suitable for use in high humidity applications such as vehicles, boats, houses, bathrooms and kitchens. It can be metal, plastic and alkaline substrate contact. If you are interested in produce neutral silicone rubber,please contact us as much as possible.

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