The kneader machine can be produced silicone sealant

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silicone sealant

Silicone sealant is an ointment that solidifies into a tough, rubbery solid material upon contact with moisture in the air. Mainly divided into acetic acid-type, alcohol-type, ammonia-type, off-type. Due to it is often used in glass bonding and sealing, it can also be called glass glue.

kneader machine

Silicone sealant does not flow because of its own weight, so it can be used for over-seams or sidewall seams without sagging, slump or run-off. It is mainly used for dry cleaning of metal, glass, most non-fat wood, silicone resin, vulcanized silicone, ceramic, natural and synthetic fibers, and many paint plastic surface bonding.

kneader machine

What machine can made silicone sealant? The machine can be found in the JCT company. The JCT company is specializing in manufacturing and exporting chemical machine for 11 years. The kneader machine is an ideal equipment that can be used to produce the silicone sealant. If you are interested in producing silicone sealant, Please contact the JCT company as much as possible.

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