Do you know the difference between a kneader and an internal mixer?

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Is the kneader an internal mixer? Of course not, I can only say that they all belong to a class of mixers. They knead and knead the materials to achieve the desired effect. Then, what is the difference between the two? JCT Machinery tells you.


Kneader, also known as kneader, is mainly used in silicone rubber, high viscosity sealant, silicone rubber, BMC, ink, batteries, dyes, pharmaceuticals, resins, plastics, cosmetics and other industries. It is widely used. Mainly by the kneading part, the transmission system, the vacuum system, the hydraulic system, the electric control system, the frame part and other parts. Mixer, also known as kneader, is mainly used for rubber plastics mixing and mixing, and the application range is more monotonous. Mainly by the refining chamber, rotor, rotor sealing device, feeding pressure device, unloading device, transmission device and frame and other parts.


The kneader can be operated at a degree of vacuum and can be heated or cooled. Sealing machine is usually pressurized, heated or cooled, but can not be vacuum operated but can be customized, so both are non-standard equipment, can be customized according to user needs, well, that all, thank you!


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