Do you know silicone glue production equipment?

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Glass glue can be divided into two categories from product packaging: one-component and two-component. The one-component silicone adhesive cures by contacting the moisture in the air to produce changes in physical properties; two-component refers to the silicone adhesive being divided into two groups, A and B. Any group that exists alone cannot be cured. The two groups of glues cure once mixed. It is common in the market that one-component silicone glass adhesives are silicone products.

Everyone should have a better understanding of glass glue, but we should all know that one or two sets of equipment cannot be produced completely. Since it has become a production line, there will be a full set of production equipment. So what are the complete sets of production equipment?

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First: 1.Reactor-107 plastic production 2. Kneader-Glass plastic base material production 3.Three-roller machine Material grinding machine 4.Power Disperser/ Planetary mixer/Power mixer Dispersion, mixing, mixing, reaction, vacuum pumping 5.Hydraulic discharge Machine-hydraulic discharge 6.automatic/semi-automatic filling

So that you can clearly and clearly understand this production process is probably like this! Our company focus on chemical equipment production, production lines and technical support, there are more than 15years of production experience, but also for customer customization!

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