The jacketed reactor can produce the grafting glue

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jacket reactor

Jacket reactor is the main chemical equipment in the main equipment, mainly through mixing, heating, cooling and a variety of materials dispersed polymerization mixing, and thus polymerization reaction. Grafting neoprene adhesive is chloroprene rubber, methyl methacrylate and other monomers, initiator, antioxidant in the graft copolymer solvent obtained with the stopper and tackifier resin formulated from. The jacketed reactor is an important device for the production of grafted glue.

grafting glue

The grafting glue Production process as follows

1) Preparation of raw materials according to the grafted glue formula, put them into in the raw material barrels, raw materials was pumped into the reactor by feed pump. After a period of mixing, the material temperature is raised, so that the raw material can be mixed completely.

Next step, heating the materials by filling water into reactor jacket, and the materials temperature could be controlled.

2) During heating process, starting the condenser, the volatile materials will become gas through the condenser,?the gas material will become the liquid when pass by the cooling condenser.

And the useful material liquid will refulux to reactor being reaction again, the remaining waste liquid is filtered out.

3) After the raw material mixing in the grafted glue reactor, to adjust the solid content of the materials, we need to put the materials into the high-speed regulating kettle with jacket, adding solvents, additives, etc.

     jacket reactor

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