How much do you know about grafting adhesives?

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Grafting adhesives

Grafting adhesives are grafted copolymers of neoprene and methyl methacrylate (mma). The grafted neoprene adhesive is grafted on the main chain of the chlorine phase rubber by the pmma branch, because it has good compatibility with the pvc, can penetrate into the adhered substrate and can resist the plasticizer. Migration, greatly improved the bonding performance and durability of artificial leather.

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The performance characteristics of the grafting adhesives include low viscosity, good wettability, and strong permeability. It can effectively prevent the migration of plasticizers and has special adhesive properties to soft pvc and rubber materials. Its adhesive strength is close to that of polyurethane adhesives and its price is much lower. In addition, its storage stability is good, and the glue liquid is not frozen at low temperatures.

jacket reactor

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