How to choose the high quality of glass silicone sealant glue?

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The quality of the glass glue in the market is not exactly the same. How do you choose a good glass glue?

1. Smell (Applicable to Acid Glue): Because the acid gel contains acetic acid, it will produce a sour taste in the process of volatilization. The good quality glue will soon disappear in the curing process, and the quality of the glue will evaporate. The time is much longer.

2, than the gloss: high-quality plastic no matter what color solidified after the strong sense of gloss, low-quality rubber and some do not have a glossy look, some are a month or two after curing luster.

3, check particles: high-quality glass glue is a chemical synthesis material after thorough and uniform mixing, fine texture, uniform, smooth and shiny after sizing curing. The worse the quality of the glass glue, the more particles and impurities are visible. After the glue is cured, the surface of the glue strip is not as smooth and flat as the good quality glue.


Jacket reactor is the main chemical equipment, mainly through mixing, heating, cooling and a variety of materials dispersed polymerization mixing, and thus polymerization reaction. Silicone sealant is based on polydimethylsiloxane as the main raw material, supplemented with cross-linking agent, filler, plasticizer, coupling agent, catalyst in a vacuum paste made of mixed state.The elastic silicone rubber is formed by curing with water in air at room temperature. The jacketed reactor is an important device for the production of glass silicone glue,.

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