What machines can produce Acidic sealant glue?

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     Acidic glass adhesive is a one-component, acidic curing sealant that is used primarily for general bonding between glass and other building materials. Acid silicone glue made by what equipment? JCT can provide acid silicone adhesive complete sets of production equipment.

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1. White carbon black dehydration - hydrophobic white carbon (does not need to use industrial oven); white carbon black (must use industrial oven)

2. Glass glue production - strong dispersant / power mixer

3. Hydraulic discharge - hydraulic discharge machine

4. Finished product packaging - automatic, semi-automatic hard packaging

5. Coder

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    Acidic glass adhesives have a pungent odor and are irritating to the eyes and exposed skin. However, my years of experience show that as long as it is not a sealed environment, it is generally not harmful to the human body. Ventilation will soon be astigmatism. Generally, the silicone-based glass adhesive is a five-minute dry skin that is completely dry in 72 hours. If you buy a poor quality adhesive, it is estimated that it will be a little longer. If you want to know more, free contact us as soon as possible. 


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