What machines can produce All-purpose adhesive?

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Universal adhesive is named for its wide range of bonding and convenient use. It can be used for bonding of hard and soft materials such as wood, aluminum-plastic panel, leather, artificial leather, plastic, rubber and metal. The main component of the common adhesive is neoprene, which is generally made of benzene, toluene, and xylene as a solvent. It is a viscous yellow liquid and has good resistance to oil, solvents, and chemicals.


What kind of machine produce All-purpose adhesive?The glue production equipment consists of reactor, vertical dephlegmator, horizontal condenser, water reservoir, oil spill tank, and pipeline (for dilute kettle). The contact parts of the whole set of equipment and materials are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel coils or stainless steel coils can be installed in the reactor.

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The glue complete equipment can use electric heating, hot water heating, heat conduction oil circulation heating, far-infrared heating, external (inner) coil heating, etc. The cooling method is jacket cooling and kettle coil cooling. Glue production equipment is widely used in 106 glue, 107 glue, adhesives, woodworking glue, leather glue, knot glue, yellow glue, assembly glue, sticker glue, stick glue and so on. The company can also customize process equipment based on user processes. If you want to know more, free contact us as soon as possible. 

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