Glass glue production | Choose vacuum kneading machine or strong dispersion machine as base material?

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With the development of the times, the application of glass glue in our lives is more and more, the market is also more and more broad, each manufacturer wants to continuously improve the production process to occupy a larger market. However, under the condition of a basically stable formula, the production process is particularly important. The production process depends on the equipment, so in the glass glue production industry there is such a sentence, "Your equipment is chosen correctly, you have stopped one foot in this industry".

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In the traditional process of glass glue, the vacuum kneading machine accounts for most of the weight in the glass glue production base material. From the process point of view, the kneader is more mature due to the accumulation of time.

However, from a production efficiency point of view, the production efficiency of the strong disperser as a base material is faster than that of the vacuum kneading because the material can be broken directly, no particles are formed, and no three-roller grinding machine is needed, saving time. .

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However, in actual production, we can still choose according to our actual situation. After all, it is the best for ourselves.  If you want to know more about vacuum kneader or strong dispersion machine, free contact us as soon as possible. 


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