When the reactor leaks, how can we solve it?

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When the seal is sealed with packing

1.The agitator shaft is worn or corroded at the packing, causing the clearance to be too large. 

2. The oil ring is not positioned properly or the oil circuit blockage cannot form an oil seal.

3, the gland is not pressed, the filler quality is poor, or it is used for too long 4. The stuffing box is corroded


When the seal is mechanically sealed

1, the static and dynamic ring surface deformation, bumps

2, the end surface pressure is too large, friction pair thermal deformation

3, the sealing ring material is wrong, the pressing force is not enough, or the V-shaped sealing ring is installed opposite, lose the sealing performance

4, the axial and static ring face vertical error is too large 

5, operating pressure, temperature instability, hard particles into the friction pair

6、Shaft string exceeds the index 7, inserts or sticking joints, static ring leaks


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