Do you know liquid silicone production line?

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The characteristics of liquid silicone production line

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Liquid silicone production line equipment configuration

1) vacuum kneader;

2) high viscosity pump,

3) Base material storage tanksL

4) Heating system (according to actual needs),

5) Vacuum system,

6) Three-roller grinding machine,

7) Multifunctional dispersing mixer or planetary mixer,

8) hydraulic discharge machine,

9) Cooling system.

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Liquid silicone production process:

1) The formulation of raw materials is performed according to the formula. Add the kneader, the powder material should be added more than once mixed. Heating and heating, start the vacuum system and draw moisture from the material.

2) The base material reaches the basic material storage tank through the high-viscosity pump, and these materials are slowly added to the three-roller grinding machine to achieve fineness requirements.

3) After grinding the substrate, put the material into a mixing drum. Then add other ingredients and paste.

4) Push the mixer drum into a multi-functional disperser or planetary mixer and start stirring and high speed dispersion. At the same time, the vacuum system is started to extract moisture and air from the material. Start the cooling system to control the temperature of the material.

5) After the production is completed, push the mixing cylinder into the hydraulic discharge machine and divide it into packaging drums.

6) Pack the finished product into the warehouse.

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