Bahrain customers visit JCT to purchase unsaturated polyester resin production line

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In the morning of April 20, 2018, JCT Machinery ushered in a line of Bahrain customers. The purpose of Bahrain customers' trip is to discuss the procurement of unsaturated resin production line.

Speaking of Bahrain, the impression of the country is a small country in the Middle East. Like Saudi Arabia, it is a very beautiful bay country. The price of oil is low to your imagination. The price of 91# gasoline is about 1.5RMB/L.

The land area of Bahrain is very small, only 767 square kilometers, the size of 1/3 Shenzhen, the main people of the Arabs, is the more open and modernized and secularized country in the Middle East.

It is true that Bahrain customers visit Jin Chang Tai on this trip to the unsaturated resin project, which is a polymer containing unsaturated double bonds formed by polycondensation of dicarboxylic acid and diol. The earliest resins found in human beings are lipid compounds extracted from the secretions of trees, such as rosin, and so on. This is the reason why there are "trees" before "fat". Unsaturated polyester resin, which accounts for 75% of the resin used in our daily life.

The main production equipment of unsaturated resin is the reaction kettle. As the name suggests, it is used for the reaction equipment in industrial production, commonly known as reaction pot, reactor and so on. It is a very common equipment in the daily chemical industry. The reaction kettle is the reaction solvent in the inner layer which can be stirred, and the interlayer can be circulated or cooled by different cold and heat sources (freezing solution, hot water or hot oil). Then the heat - soluble media or the cooling medium at the constant temperature (high temperature or low temperature) is injected into the reactor interlayer, and then the material in the reactor is heated or cooled at constant temperature. At the same time, mixing reaction can be carried out under normal or negative pressure conditions according to the requirements. The material is reacted in the reactor and can control the evaporation and reflux of the reaction solution. After the reaction is finished, the material can be released from the outlet of the bottom of the kettle, and the operation is very convenient.

Reacor and Unsaturated resin

Bahrain customers and JCT engineers have conducted some technical discussions and exchanges, customers expressed their recognition and appreciation, and then took customers to the workshop. We also explained the configuration and technical parameters of the equipment to them. Finally, JCT machinery and customers successfully signed a contract for the unsaturated resin production line. It is a pleasant cooperation. The equipment will start production and will be transported to Bahrain by sea after one or two months.

Bahrain customers visit JCT to purchase unsaturated polyester resin production line

In recent years, more and more foreign customers of JCT, including many old customers to buy back two times, also indirectly prove the reputation and reputation of JCT in the domestic and foreign market, JCT machinery will, as always, provide customers with new and practical, quality equipment / production line, for your cause!

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