Egyptian customers visit JCT to negotiate liquid silicon rubber equipment

2018-04-27 10:16:51 Alice 31

In April 26, 2018, JCT mechanical Hannah and engineers received remote Egyptian customers in the company conference room. Through the early follow-up communication, we learned that the Egyptian customers were here for liquid silica rubber equipment, and the main product was medical silica gel.

Egypt, located in the northeastern part of the African continent, is located in the traffic key of the three continents of Eurasia and Africa. Ancient Egypt is one of the four ancient civilizations. It is the country of the queen of Egypt, huff Pyramid, the Nile and the Suez canal, with a long history and culture. Customers from Cairo, Egypt, searched for JCT machinery through Google and learned that JCT is a professional supplier of liquid silicone equipment. It came to China for a long time. The customer was very talkative. Besides discussing the details of equipment, technical formula, and so on, we talked a lot about Egypt. During the period, JCT introduced the equipment and technical parameters of the liquid silica gel production line in detail and invited him to visit the workshop.

Liquid silica rubber equipment and medical silicone products

Liquid silica rubber can be used for trademarks, nipples, medical supplies, coatings, polyurethane, epoxy molding molds, injection molding moulds, silicone products, electronic components, moistureproof and thermal insulation coatings, sealing materials, infant supplies, diving supplies, electrical insulation accessories and cable accessories and other liquid silicone products.

Liquid silica rubber equipment to make glue

The equipment of liquid silicon rubber production line is usually equipped with vacuum kneading machine, high viscosity pump, base storage tank, heating system, vacuum system, three roll grinder, planetary mixer, hydraulic discharging machine, cooling system and so on. JCT can be customized according to the actual needs of customers and provide technical support.

Egyptian customers are satisfied with the JCT equipment. Both sides have ended their talks in a pleasant atmosphere and signed a contract for the purchase of liquid silicon rubber production line. Thanks to the Hannah and engineers who have been following up with customers, and thanks to customers' trust and support for JCT, JCT will provide quality services as always. Finally, I would like to attach a photo of the Egyptian customer to JCT.

Egyptian customers visit JCT to negotiate liquid silicon rubber equipment

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