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Kneader is no stranger to us. It can produce various kinds of adhesives and grease, and also produce candy. hopping candy is a wonderful childhood memory of many middle-aged and old people. This candy can feel the sound of the mouth in addition to scratching its tongue. In fact, the ingredients of hopping candy, like ordinary hard candy, are made with sucrose, corn syrup, water, pigments and spices.

However, the hopping candy is "jumping" because of the high pressure of carbon dioxide, when we eat hopping candy, the surface of sugar is dissolved in the mouth, the carbon dioxide inside will be released. It's rumored that someone eating jumps and Coke will explode, so rest assured that it can hiccup for a few hours at most, and a package of standard jumps to release carbon dioxide is about equal to the carbon dioxide content of a half bottle of coke, so it's impossible for you to eat a lot of swollen and swollen. . The taste of hopping candy is sour and sweet. Children like it very much. If you have any other uses, please go to Google yourself. The machine used in the production of hopping candy is a kneader. The kneader is an ideal equipment for mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing and repolymerization of high viscosity Elastoplastic Materials. It has the advantages of uniform mixing and high kneading efficiency. And Mohamed from Syria apparently sees the characteristics of kneader and wants to produce hopping candy.

kneader and popping candy

In recent days, Syria in the Middle East has been ravaged and devastated by Western allied forces. The fighting in Washington and Moscow has made many cities in Syria ruins, the conservative statistics of the war caused more than 50W deaths and millions of refugees were left homeless. It is not to say that the grudge between the president of Syria and the Kurdish armed forces of the president of Syria is difficult to make up for the direct or indirect hands of the West and Russia. We can only show sympathy. Mohamed came from Syria. When we received him at Baiyun Airport, we were worried and tired on his face. I think it should be a worry about the domestic situation. Nevertheless, this does not affect the friendship between us, and the life and business need to continue.

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As the main product of JCT, kneader has obvious advantages in all aspects. Mohamed and JCT engineer have made a detailed discussion, and made a professional answer to some of the problems in its technology and configuration parameters. In order to meet the needs of Mohamed's deep understanding of equipment and products, we also invite them to enter the workshop test machine and the manufacturers with their domestic production popping candy. Mohamed has a high evaluation of the quality and quality of the JCT equipment. Finally, Mohamed and JCT signed a popping candy 5000L pinch. Cooperative agreement.

The point is that if you have friends who want to know hopping candy equipment and kneader, we can contact JCT, we support the customization on demand, and provide technical formula according to customer needs:

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