Bangladesh customers come to JCT machine negotiate grafted glue equipment and PU glue equipment

2017-09-04 16:31:26 MR.Y 43

With the development of shoes, handbags and other industries, the demand for adhesives is also growing.Recently,JCT machinery has received orders from customers both at home and abroad for the production line of grafting adhesive.We have also shipped 5 tons of grafted rubber line to India customers,And Sri Lanka customers 2.3 tons of grafting project is nearing completion,        Now, let's take a look at this Bangladeshi customer's grafted glue equipment and PU glue equipment

grafted glue / PU glue.png

Factories in Bangladesh are producing adhesives,Have two sets of mixing tanks,As the business continues to expand, customers want to expand production,So he came to China to visit JCT machinery,Consult the grafted glue equipment and PU glue equipment,In the morning, we received a conference room for customers, company CEO and customer details of equipment details, customers are very satisfied with the explanation of our profession, and will offer other issues with CEO through friendly negotiations, pleasant business, customer and JCT machinery reached a cooperation agreement, and signed a contract, then.We take our customers to the workshop to see the grafted glue equipment that is being produced.

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