Our paint dispersing machine exports to Kenya

2017-09-09 09:00:10 MR.Y 6

July 10, 2017,It is a sunny weekend, our staff are at rest, the afternoon, we received a Kenya customer's phone, said it will come to our factory, then we received a customer, in the office, we detailed and professional solutions for Kenya customer issues.

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At the office, a Kenya customer told us that he was engaged in furniture manufacturing and had imported paint from China, but the cost was too high. So he wanted to paint his own paint in Kenya, so that he could not only solve his own demand, but also open up another market for himself.

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After we had detailed knowledge of their requirements, we recommended the paint disperser. Paint disperser, also known as high-speed disperser, applies to paint, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, resins, adhesives and other products. The utility model has the advantages of good performance, simple operation and maintenance, good production continuity, fast and dispersed material dispersion, good dispersion effect, high production efficiency, stable operation and convenient installation. After the talk, we went to the workshop, we fully understand the mechanical process, we see the workshop equipment, customers in Kenya immediately to us out of the thumb, and that we should give to the price in the shortest time, to the back of the negotiations!

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