Trump said the United States will be divided? Will the global machinery economy and trade be affected?

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   According to Russian media reports, the relevant political research center in the United States recently announced the results of a latest public opinion survey, which showed that among Trump’s supporters, more than 50% expressed support for the "Red State" to separate from the Union and build an independent state. New country.

   Not only that, among the current U.S. President Biden’s supporters, nearly half believe that the "red states" and "blue states" of the United States have reached a time when it is necessary to separate the "blue states", that is, the "blue states" should also be separated and established. New country.

   A financial turmoil broke out in the United States, which affected the global economy. So it is undeniable that the United States still occupies a large position in the global economy.

   The global industrial mixer market is relatively less concentrated, and the manufacturing technology of industrial mixers is relatively lower than some high-tech equipment. Some companies are well-known for the excellent performance and related services of their industrial mixers. The largest market for industrial mixers is Europe, with a market share of 26%, followed by China and North America, with market shares of 24% and 23%, respectively.

    Due to the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, although the industrial mixing machinery industry is unpopular, the economy and demand are also showing a slow but gradual upward trend.

    Although the US economy has a certain connection with the global economy, the industrial mixing machinery industry will gradually expand with the development of China's e-commerce!

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