Discussion on the production process and related equipment of grafting adhesive

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Now, with the adhesive industry constantly popular, and is widely used as a new type of the graft glue is a solvent based gum, its performance will be better than monengjiao, therefore, by the public of all ages. Well, how much do you know about the production process of the graft glue and the related equipment? Let's have a look!

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The equipment used in the production of grafted rubber is as follows: reaction kettle, measuring tank, steam heating system, water chiller (cooling tower), condenser, dispersing kettle, filter, packing machine, etc.. And its production process is generally the following steps:

  1. The raw material is prepared according to the formula in the material barrel, and the raw material is pumped into the reactor for making the rubber. After a period of mixing, the material reacts and heats up to achieve full mixing. Water heating and temperature control are carried out in the jacket of the reaction kettle.

  2. In the process of heating, the condenser is started, and the volatile substance is cooled by the condenser and is partly cooled back into the reactor to participate in the production again, and the other waste materials are filtered out.

  3. The material in the cement reactor after mixing, to bring high speed regulation kettle jacket, adding solvent and additives, to adjust the solid content; and the realization of high speed and high speed dispersion disc shear, while the jacket can be cooled by water temperature control. When the flow pressure is large, it can flow back through the regulating valve.

  4. After the production is finished, the material is filtered by the quick opening bag filter net.

  5. The product is packaged in the filling system. Pack the finished goods in storage.

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